Sell Your Products on byFood & Reach Foodies Worldwide
As a food tourism platform, byFood is the best place to reach serious foodies as well as those who have visited Japan or plan to visit Japan.
Fill out the application
Apply to become a seller and meet the byFood Team for a consultation.
Create your product pages
Submit your products through the partner panel.
Start selling
Ship your products around the world and spread the joy of Japanese food culture.
#1 place to catch your target audience
Through targeted marketing, we can promote your products to potential customers who have already traveled to Japan based on their past bookings, reservations, and food preferences.
Personalized, bilingual support
We offer bilingual support with onboarding, content creation, communications with customers, refunds/returns and more.
Content creation services
After submitting your product page, we will help you edit and optimize your content, and possibly even feature your products on YouTube.
Marketing/social media reach
Utilize byFood’s social media power to reach an international audience. With 500K reach on social media, byFood can capture the attention of your target market.
Contribute to a charitable cause
For every order that’s fulfilled through byFood, 10 school meals are donated to children in developing countries through the Food for Happiness project.
Become a host
Sellers can create original experiences related to their products, like sake brewery tours, knife making workshops, or tea farm experiences, and promote them on byFood. Through in-person and online experiences, byFood can help you find your target customers, and create lasting and meaningful connections.
What are the criteria for becoming a seller on byFood?
The products should be food-related products that are made in Japan. We prioritize sellers that are also the producer, and aim to promote local Japanese businesses and farm-to-table operations.
What happens when I make a sale?
All operations are automatic, as we use technology to decrease your communication with customers and minimize the language barrier. When you make a sale, our system automatically calculates the shipping fee, which customers pay in advance. You will receive an order request by email and when you approve the order through the seller dashboard, the system automatically creates the shipping label, which includes the tracking code. All you need to do then is print the shipping label, affix it to the package, and ship it out.
How are payouts made?
Automatic payouts are made through Stripe’s secure payment processing system. Payouts are made on a monthly basis, and downloadable invoices, stats, and reporting are available.
What if my products are broken on the way?
Depending on the delivery company used, the cost of the broken product may be covered by insurance. Our support team will help you apply for the refund to recover the loss.