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Where to Eat in Shinagawa

By Aleli Dorado
July 12, 2019
Updated: July 14, 2019

Shinagawa is one of the busiest wards due to its accessibility as one of the major train stations. It is considered a travelers’ hub since it serves as a link between Tokyo and Kyoto and is a bustling area surrounded with hotels, offices, shops, and food places. Trains in this area are usually jam-packed especially during the morning and evening rush hours.

Though it has now been a picture of the modern-day business, Shinagawa still retains its old charm in some alleyways wherein minor shrines and temples are located. Also, there are interesting and cool spots to visit, like the Hara Museum modern art gallery and the Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa for those who love anything marine. And when you’ve already exhausted your energy feasting over the sights and activities in Shinagawa, replenish your hunger by exploring the different food hubs within Shinagawa. Let’s explore the kitchens this beautiful ward has to offer.

A tandem of all things Japanese food, Shinagawa has a tandem store of Shinatatsu Ramen and Shinatatsu Donburi, which serves famous and hearty ramen and donburi meals. For those who love sushi, head on to Sushiryori Inose and dig into their omakase sushiset. For those who’d like a fun izakaya experience, Toriki offers delicately and deliciously prepared food. Bestseller includes the toriwasa or chicken sashimi. The place is usually crowded with diners so reservations are a must, especially during Fridays and Saturdays.


For those who love beef and spicy food combined, drop by Rojiura for their tasty and spicy stone grilled beef for ¥700-800. Top of the mind among patrons is the 20-year old menu Kushi-mori set of 5. For some glorious yakiniku dinners, Iburiya will surely satisfy the craving with its Korotan for ¥1600 and Specialty Japanese Kalbe for ¥1550. Yakitoriis the name of the game at Toriteru, which is one of the most coveted spots to eat, but due to its limited seating capacity (only 12 seats offered), you are in the greatest of luck if you happen to land a spot. Best things on the menu include 9 Yakitori, Chef’s Selection of 7 Yakitori and Your Selection of 7 Yakitori ranging from ¥3000-3400. Best paired with “Chicken and Tea on Rice”, “Egg, Chicken, and Rice”, or “Yakitori Dog”.


Seafood delight is the main offering of Masu-Kame, which prides itself on seafood straight from Tsukiji Market. Their sashimi dishes are best paired with their array of meticulously selected brewed sake from Kuramoto. For those who’d like to explore Shikoku cuisine, try Ryoma Kaido, with an ambiance that will almost transport you to a place similar to hot spring towns.

Shikoku ryori

Lastly, for those wanting to be sake connoisseurs, Nurukan Sato Gotenyama Saryo is the food and sake shop to visit since the store prides itself of offering regional and artisanal brews as well as limited edition brews. The store is also a staunch advocate of nurukan or serving the sake warm. One can select food pairings to match their sake of choices such as dried stingray fins, sea cucumber entrails or more common dishes like potato salad and broiled avocado tartare with crab meat.

a lot of sake

Indeed, Shinagawa proves to be a district fit for travelers and those who’d like to discover and bite a bit of anything Japanese. Its selection of restaurants will undeniably satiate all types of hunger that one has. ‘Til our next foodventure.

We strive to be as accurate as possible and keep up with the changing landscape of Japan’s food and travel industries. If you spot any inaccuracies, please send a report.
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