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Halal Sushi in Tokyo

By Catherine Flores
July 14, 2019
Updated: December 8, 2020

The first thing that usually pops into our heads when we think of Japan is sushi. Healthy and delicious, sushi is the go-to dish that you can snack on any time of the day. You can eat it for breakfast along with your hot serving of miso soup or as a midnight snack when hunger pangs attack at night. It’s pretty much versatile too and you can whip up a serving or two of sushi with on-hand ingredients at the comforts of your home. Roll it up with your choice of protein and vegetables and you got yourself not only a mouth-watering piece of a glorious sushi but it’s also really healthy and good for you. Unfortunately, Halal sushi is not always the easiest to find and can often leave some feeling excluded.

Nowadays, sushi is available almost everywhere and you can find one in convenience stores, being sold as cheap thrills in the streets, and in high-end restaurants, all of which are equally delicious and satisfying. However, it is sad to think that not so many people could enjoy all its glorious offerings because of their strict diet restrictions and special dietary needs. But the great thing is that there are more and more establishments and restaurants which offer a special service that caters to the needs of these people and serving great sushi is no stranger to them. Halal sushi in Tokyo is now made available for people to enjoy without worrying about their dietary needs. Now, you can find restaurants which offer sushi dishes that are Halal certified.

So, where to go when you want to eat Halal sushi in Tokyo? Curated below are Halal sushi friendly restaurants where you can bring your family and friends and share delicious food and great memories.

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  • A great place to start is Asakusa Sushi-ken (2-11-4, Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo). It is the first Halal sushi restaurant in Tokyo and only uses the freshest ingredients, all of which are Halal-certified. Instead of using the regular mirin to mix with the cooked rice, certified vinegar is used which is equally flavorful. They have an extensive menu that ranges from sushi sets which includes side dishes such as chawanmushi and miso soup to the lunch set menu which changes daily, offering a variety of sushi dishes to their guests. Now, they have expanded their menu which offers familiar tourist favorites such as donburi and tempura set menus which can go perfectly with your sushi. What’s more, they also offer sushi-making classes for those who are interested in learning and knowing more about one of Japan’s favorite dishes. You can stuff yourself with all the sushi you want and not worry about it!

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Halal Cafe & Sushi Akasaka Saryo Ouka (Level B1, Sankaido Building, 1-9-13, Akasaka) is another satisfying place to come by if you’re looking for Halal-certified sushi dishes. They have an extensive menu that ranges from offering wagyu dishes to Japanese desserts but it’s their sushi dishes that most people look for. After all, it’s pretty hard to find a restaurant that offers authentic sushi dishes that are also Halal-certified. Like many other restaurants, their sushi dishes don’t use mirin but instead use a certified vinegar to help enhance the flavor more. They make sure to use the freshest ingredients available and the chefs ensure everything is alcohol-free. Drop by to have a taste of their mouth-watering sushi dishes.

Another great place to visit is Genki Sushi (24-8 Udagawacho, Shibuya 150-0042, Tokyo Prefecture). They don’t serve pork here and offer Halal soy sauce to its guests. Before ordering, it’s highly recommended to ask the staff first so you can be educated with the other sushi dishes they offer and that you can inform them about your dietary needs but other than that, Genki Sushi is a nice place to visit if you’re craving for some delicious but cheap sushi dishes. Everything is made fresh and available for guests to order and has big servings so it’s a great place to visit if you’re coming in as groups. There are plenty of sushi dishes to share. The place can be crowded sometimes but it’s worth the wait.

We strive to be as accurate as possible and keep up with the changing landscape of Japan’s food and travel industries. If you spot any inaccuracies, please send a report.
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