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Meguro Food Guide

By Aleli Dorado
July 10, 2019
Updated: December 19, 2019

A home to foreign embassies, parks with lush greeneries, cultural and religious institutions, Meguro is residential community sandwiched between Shibuya and Ebisu. This district is famous for its annual Meguro Kumin Matsuri or the Meguro Sun Festival, which is divided into four festivities: Meguro no Sanma Matsuri or the Pacific Saury Festival, the Furusato Bussannten or the Regional Specialties Exhibit, the Omatsuri Hiroba or the festival plaza and the Kodomo Hiroba or the children’s plaza. The most popular among the four festivities is the Meguro Sanma Matsuri wherein people are lined up at the Megurogawa River wherein tons of fresh saury fish will be charcoal-grilled to be shared to tourists. Also sought after by foodies is the display of various delectable delicacies during the regional specialties exhibit.

Meguro is also a prominent spot for hanami. People flock along Meguro River which is lined with about 830 Sakura trees by the riverside. During Cherry Blossom season, people grace the riverside to have their viewing party.


Aside from these fun fetes, Meguro is also a host to great foodie destinations. Sushi lovers unite at Sushi Rinda, wherein tourists can feel free to engage with the English speaking sushi chef Yuta Kono. The sushi-ya does serve far more than the usual tuna and salmon cuts, the menu also boasts of rare seafood treats such as cutlass fish, giant clams, and abalone. Each guest is treated to a front-row spectacle of the chef’s hand and knife mastery in preparing each nibble.

For some Michelin Star-laden treat, head on to Kappo Suzuki whose chef’s omakase is sure to contain only the freshest ingredient that the chef has carefully chosen straight from the market. Each dish is served in pretty collectible plates that adorn the skillful food presentation. Meanwhile, another Michelin Star restaurant serving top of the line tempura in its kaiseki is Tenmasa. Each meal in the menu is prepared using local Toyohashi ingredients and cooked Kanto-style in 100% sesame oil.

Meguro Sakura

To those who enjoy being a part of the food preparation, Zauo fishing restaurant is a must-visit food place in Meguro. Customers can catch their own fish (which will make the prices lower), and request the cooks on how they want their dishes to be prepared: sashimi, sushi, grilled, boiled or tempura style. Meanwhile, curry lovers can feast their favorite treat on a train at Niagara—a train-themed restaurant serving the finest curry dishes. Another restaurant boasting its specialty is Ryo, which serves freshwater eel or unagi. Ryo’s unagi dishes is perfectly seasoned and grilled and served over rice. For a taste of delicious yakitori and a mean bowl of ramen, head on to Masakichi or Kushiwakamaru, which serve bite-size chicken skewers.

Zauo fishing restaurant

Finally, wash down all the food with a cup of tea or coffee at the cozy spot tucked in the residential area of Meguro—Chum Apartments. Meguro is a host of different tastes and traditions that are sure to pique the interests of tourists and whet their appetite. Truly, it is a must-visit spot to include in your Tokyo foodventure.

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