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Where to Eat in Nakameguro

By Aleli Dorado
July 4, 2019
Updated: July 16, 2019

Topping the list of Tokyo’s hip residential areas, Nakameguro, a name synonymous with hanami (Japanese cherry blossom viewing), is rising to fame as a food destination. Described as having an eclectic mix of dining and drinking joints, specialty boutiques, hole-in-the-wall cafes, and a doggie-loving community, Nakameguro gets a spot in the limelight with major celebrities and renowned hairstylists residing in the area. This posh vibe attracts people who know how to spend their hard earned money at some of the coolest bars in Tokyo, as well as the world's largest Starbucks. Let’s strut down the classy lanes of Nakameguro and discover what delectable dishes entice hipsters and dog lovers alike to come back for more. Find out where to eat in Nakameguro, right here.

1. Nakameguro Yamaya

Dine with style at the trendy restaurants in Nakameguro. For a truly authentic izakaya experience, Nakameguro Yamaya is sure to be on your list of must-dine places. Yamaya’s chef is known for his meticulous scrutiny of every ingredient that lands in his kitchen, so you can be assured of the quality of his dishes. And while one might think that Nakameguro’s high-class society vibe would surely only host restaurants with a hefty price tag, Yamaya begs to differ. For ¥999, you're guaranteed a sumptuous lunch meal fit for a king.

Nakameguro Yamaya Dishes

2. Tatemichiya (Punk Rock Izakaya)

For music lovers, Punk Rock Izakaya is a place where good food meets good music. Here, while you fill your tummy, your ears will feast on the rock music piping from the izakaya’s speakers, and your eyes can marvel at the band posters and Japanese art on the walls. While Punk Rock Izakaya is a little hard to locate, it's worth a visit. They even have vegetarian and vegan options on the menu at reasonable prices, offering up classic Japanese izakaya fare. Who doesn’t love finding a bar that combines good art and fantastic food!

3. Onigily Cafe

Rice balls are the specialty of the Onigily Cafe, which serves fresh handmade onigiri. But these onigiri are not your basic convenience store onigiri. The rice balls here are about ¥167 apiece, or you can get a meal of two onigiri, pickles, miso soup, and a drink, for ¥540. The ball-shaped amber lamps, yellow-toned chairs, and window seating, make the Ongily Cafe a cozy place to while away a morning. You're sure to have a happy and filling onigiri experience spending only around ¥500, and for Nakameguro, that's not a bad deal at all.

Onigily Cafe

4. Rainbow Bird Rendezvous

Vegetarians and health-conscious folks might wonder where to eat in Nakameguro. They've come to the right place; for the plant-based crowd, Nakameguro has several healthy options. Vegans unite at Rainbow Bird Rendezvous, where one can get their vegan lunch fix for only around ¥1050. They offer vegan versions of classic Japanese food so that vegans in Tokyo can still enjoy what the city has to offer. Dishes like karaage, hamburg, and curry rice are made totally meat-free. They also have sweet treats like smoothies, juices, and desserts like a gluten-free cacao cake.

5. Iroha Sushi

While Tokyo boasts tons of sushi restaurants, whether chugging along on conveyor belts or made with care by seasoned sushi chefs, Nakameguro has its own homegrown sushi place to brag about. At Iroha Sushi, a sushi restaurant with friendly and welcoming staff, each piece of handcrafted sushi can be made to order. The atmosphere is cozy and the sushi is of fantastic quality. Aside from sushi and sashimi, the restaurant also serves deep-fried octopus or tako-kara. A meal paired with a drink will only cost you around ¥1200.

6. Baird Taproom Nakameguro

Beer connoisseurs must pay their respects at Baird Taproom Nakameguro, the first pub opened in Tokyo by the beer company Baird Brewing. This watering hole, located just above Kaldi Coffee on the second floor, has 26 taps and 4 beer pumps of seasonal Baird Beer, a fantastic selection for beer enthusiasts. Baird Taproom Nakameguro even has vegan beers on tap! Pizza lovers will also feel at home here, as Baird Taproom also bakes up some delightful pizzas with a bubbly charred crust.

Baired Beer Pizza

7. Artless Craft Tea & Coffee

Caffeine levels are sure high at Artless Craft Tea & Coffee, which serves an array of single origin beans and organic tea. This oshare (stylish) coffee shop has a relaxed, minimalist-meets-industrial vibe (courtesy of designer Shun Kawakami), with warm-toned lighting and wood-paneled walls. With an art gallery next door, creatives will feel quite at home here, sipping on seasonal coffee infusions and cold-brews or snacking on treats made by the owner's wife, like the matcha bagel or chocolate castella.

Artless Craft Tea & Coffee

Whether you're a vegan looking for a plant-based meal or a coffee lover looking for your next jolt of caffeine, now you know where to eat in Nakameguro. But no matter where you decide on, Nakameguro truly provides abundant dining and drinking experiences for a leisurely afternoon or romantic evening.

We strive to be as accurate as possible and keep up with the changing landscape of Japan’s food and travel industries. If you spot any inaccuracies, please send a report.
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