Flavors of Japan Food Tour with Tea Tasting and Wagashi

Hosted by Arigato Japan
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Experience Details
Experience Location
3 hours
Number of Guests
2 - 10 guests
Stroller accessible, Family-friendly
Japanese, English
Gluten-free, Halal, Kosher, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Rain or shine, Regional food, Shopping time, With 1 drink
Gain a deep understanding of the building blocks of Japanese cuisine, including regional and seasonal Japanese dishes, on this tasting tour in Tokyo!
Visit 8 food stops showcasing a variety of Japanese foods and teas from different regions, and enjoy a Japanese food tasting at each
Sample food like dashi, tamagoyaki, anago, kamaboko, katsuoboshi, satsumaimo and wagashi
Visit the oldest (and most expensive) fruit shop in Japan!
Have a traditional Japanese lunch meal (of your choice) at an authentic Japanese restaurant
Taste seasonal green and black teas at a one-of-a-kind tea shop!
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Experience Details
Gain a deeper understanding of Japanese cuisine by enjoying a Japanese food tasting during this food tour. You’ll visit 8 food stops which showcase regional and seasonal Japanese foods, sample delicious dishes, learn about the basic ingredients of Japanese cuisine, and even watch a wagashi (Japanese sweets) master at work as he handcrafts a masterpiece! This food tour is perfect for people who want to gain a better understanding of Japanese cuisine by experiencing it firsthand, with insights from a local food tour guide. In addition to the Japanese food tasting, you’ll enjoy a lunch meal of your choice (grilled fish, chicken sukiyaki, or sushi and tempura soba) at a traditional Japanese restaurant. Afterward, get a close-up look as wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) are made. Along with the authentic wagashi experience, you can try high-quality Japanese matcha tea, and also visit a tea shop to have a taste of several regional varieties of Japanese tea. This food tour is perfect for those who would like to learn and understand more about the diverse food culture of Japan, as well as the staple ingredients of Japanese food like dashi (Japanese soup stock), kamaboko (fish cake), katsuoboshi (fish flakes) and more. Taste the flavors of Japan, without even leaving Tokyo!
Japanese food tasting at 8 food stops, beverage included
An up-close wagashi experience with a wagashi master
A tea tasting at a unique Japanese tea shop
Time for shopping
Lunch meal of your choice
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
The meeting point is in front of Starbucks, close to Nihonbashi Bridge. There are other Starbucks in the area, so make sure to find the one closest to the bridge.
The food tour starts strictly on time. Please be respectful of the other guests. The tour will start even if guests arrive after the departure time.
In the additional notes section of the booking page, please specify which lunch menu you would like: (1) Grilled Fish (2) Chicken Sukiyaki OR (3) Sushi and Tempura Soba.
Experience Location
Historically, Nihonbashi (“Japan Bridge”) was the meeting place of the five major roads from Tokyo and it has enjoyed commercial prosperity as a result of the heavy traffic. In Nihonbashi, you can still find traditional shops that were founded in the Edo era, as well as historical landmarks that have survived rapid post-war urbanization and Westernization. Traditional Japanese sweets and snacks, as well as products like kimono and cut glass which showcase Japanese craftsmanship, are sold in Nihonbashi, alongside big department stores like Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Japan’s first department store.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals