Tokyo Ninja Food and Experience

Hosted by Holiday Jack
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Experience Details
Experience Location
2 hours
Number of Guests
1 - 6 guests
Japanese, English
With 1 drink, Tea experience
Dress as a ninja, train as a ninja, an eat ninja food in a ninja house in Asakusa. Become a ninja for a meal during this fun Tokyo ninja dining experience!
Be welcomed by a team of ninjas at the ninja house restaurant in Asakusa during this family-friendly dining experience
Take awesome photos wearing a ninja costume for up to 2 hours
Participate in ninja training with English-speaking teachers, learning shuriken, blowgun, and sword skills
Have your choice of 6 ninja-themed dishes with a drink from the ninja cafe and bar
Enjoy a relaxing tea ceremony after your exciting training
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Experience Details
Have you got what it takes to become a ninja? Skilled in the Japanese martial art of ninjitsu, a ninja was a trained assassin employed for espionage and surprise attacks during the samurai age! These ancient spies of Japanese were deftly skilled in military deception and served as specialized warriors, all while being incredibly stealthy. Also called a shinobi, a ninja was a sneaky and cunning type of expert fighter, creeping through the shadows, waiting to surprise. For those who have ever wanted to become a ninja, this Tokyo Ninja Food and Experience is perfect for you! For your chance to become one of these mythical Japanese assassins, join this fun Tokyo Ninja Experience, complete with ninja-themed food and dining in a themed restaurant! Immerse yourself in a Tokyo Ninja Experience at a ninja-themed cafe and bar, it’s a special dining experience you can become a ninja for a meal, which features ninja training included and fun a meal of ninja-themed food! Almost hidden, your first ninja mission is to find the restaurant and open up its heavy doors. Decorated like a traditional ninja house, at this ninja-themed bar and cafe your wait staff are fellow ninjas, too. During this awesome dining experience, you’ll be able to wear a ninja outfit while receiving ninja training of shuriken, blowgun, and sword skills. You’ll eat a ninja-themed meal from the menu, where you can taste delicious themed dishes like ninja curry or ninja noodles. With a drink from the cafe and bar selection, you’ll finally finish off an exhilarating Ninja Tokyo Experience with a humbling, casual tea ceremony. Have a taste of what it’s like to be a ninja during this exciting Tokyo Ninja Experience! Menu: (choose one dish) -Ninja curry and rice -Ninja noodles -Shuriken-yaki -Ninja pasta -Ninja sausage -Ninja dry squid
2-hours ninja costume rental (only to be worn inside the restaurant)
Ninja training (activities include shuriken, blowgun, and sword)
1 ninja-themed meal (choose from the menu below)
1 drink (alcoholic and soft drinks available from the menu)
Tea ceremony
Any additional food or drink purchases
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
The exact location and a guide for accessing the event will be provided upon booking.
Please be reminded to come to the event on time
The ninja costumes are available in a range of sizes, so everyone is welcome including kids! The costumes may not be worn outside of the restaurant, except for photo taking at the entrance
Experience Location
Home to the famous Sensoji Temple, a Buddhist temple built in the 7th century, Asakusa overflows with rich history and traditional culture. In the past, Asakusa was Tokyo’s leading entertainment district, a red light district with a number of kabuki theaters. Most of Asakusa was destroyed during World War II, but it has since grown into one of Tokyo's most visited tourist spots. Here, you'll find Nakamise Dori, a bustling shopping street lined with local snack and souvenir shops. Asakusa also has other attractions such as parks, public baths, and museums.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals